The ability to send the ball to a certain point of the table is essential for a successful game. Although it’s not necessary your shot to be very strong. The racket VT 501W will help you to cope with  this challenge.

For the production of the racket VT 501W the high-quality wooden layers were used. Their combination was selected in the way which provides the top level of control. The wooden layers of poplar give good control and the stability of  carrying out all the technical elements during the game.

VT rubber with a 1,5 mm sponge completes this table tennis racket design harmoniously, providing perfect ball feeling while playing.

Accurate placement, high control and the ability of sudden attack and counterattack are the merits of this racket. Among the advantages of this design there are also durability of manufacturing and good resistance. The handle of the racket VT 501W is made accordin to the Ergo Handle technology and gives maximally comfortable and convenient game. And one more strong point of this racket is its reasonable price.

The VT 501W will do for the beginners as good as for advanced players. Start your way to victory in table tennis with the racket VT 501W.

VT 501W Table Tennis Bat
78%Overall Score

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