What every table tennis player dreams about is to play with no mistakes. Imagine you can return any ball at any angle and on any speed. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The developers of VT 702W have set  a task to make precisely this kind of a racket. To reach this goal, they have used the most up-to-date technologies and materials. Thus, in the construction of the VT 702W racket’s blade were used the special combinations of selected woods which allows to get the top control characteristics. The layers of bass-wood combined with nanotechnologies provide the racket’s blade with required stiffness and appropriate speed of the game, allowing to attack suddenly.  The thickness of the sponge used in the rubber is 1,5 mm that reduces the percentage of mistakes during the game.

The racket VT 702W  was created for allround game and besides the great balance also has a perfect ball feeling. Make your opponent to commit mistakes, playing with the T 702W  racket. This racket will allow you to enjoy playing table tennis and become a powerful weapon to overcome any competitor.


VT 702W Table Tennis Bat
85%Overall Score

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