VT was founded in 2010. Its main products are table tennis rackets of different kinds, but it also produces some other equipment (balls, cases etc.).

Irrespective of being relatively young firm, all VT’s developments are based on the up-to-date achievements of the leading table tennis equipment manufacturers (Yasaka, Donic, Champion, Xiom, Butterfly and so on). Moreover, VT specialists managed to make their contribution to the creating of some new products.

To guarantee success VT has worked closely together with one of the leading factory specializing on the production of the table tennis rackets.

Based on the many years’ experience of the developers and the results of the tests involving professional table tennis players, the best combinations of rubber and wood were selected. This is how ten racket designs were created.

The Fire Line racket series symbolize fire and give maximum speed during the game. The rackets with the index “F” are more speedy and created for the attacking game.

Water is the symbol for the Water Line. This series’ rackets give the sense of control and let one play with top accuracy.

Meeting the high level players’ requirements, VT develops rackets of individually selected components (blade and rubber). Those rackets are exclusive and put together manually at the factory.

Despite of its relatively recent appearance on the market, VT has already gained popularity among the table tennis players. The VT rackets attract attention by their elegant design and perfect game characteristics.

If we talk about the name of the company, it wasn’t chosen by accident. V is for “Victory”, and T means “table tennis”. Using this name, the developers want to wish you nothing but winnings in your matches and your life.


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