VT White Ash is a perfect tool for aggressive all-round play and controllable attack. The blade gives in a game enough attacking power, providing a soft ball’s feeling. VT White Ash creates an optimal balance between speed and control.

VT White Ash has a 5-plied construction (kiri and more hard outer veneers of white ash). According to its structure VT White Ash is an analog of famous blade Nittaku Violin.

The blade is handmade according to a special gluing technology with usage of several different glues (including hide glue, which does not form an additional layer between the veneers). In handle’s production it was used maple and amaranth wood.

For safe protection of wood and preventing splintering the surface of the blade is coated with a lacquer.

Head size: 151mmx157mm
Category: ALL+
Plies: 5
Thickness: 5.4mm
Weight: ap. 85g

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