VT 801F Table Tennis Bat
93%Overall Score

This is the top level attacking racket. It allows to realize easily all your game plans. Your attacking game will be powerful and speedy so you’ll be able just to overrun your opponent’s defence and make him to commit mistakes in simple situations. Moreover, speed characteristics of this racket are an amazingly good match to the high level of control.

Due to the right rubber and blade combination in the construction of the VT 801F racket the VT developers managed to reach live feeling. The racket’s blade has 9 layers (7 wooden ones and 2 nanolayers). It’s made of the selected woods the combination of which was matched specially for the aggressive attacking game. Thanks to the special process of gluing the wooden layers the blade differs by the extended best bounce spot and provides high stability during attack.

999T rubber used in this racket has balanced game characteristics with an emphasis put on the attacking game. Energy Sponge technology gives more power in all your strokes.

Due to acutely attacking effect and high stability, playing with the VT 801F racket you’ll be able to defeat any opponent (even the strongest one).

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