VT Wood Picture is made for combination racket players (one side of the blade is slower). The blade provides enough control and gives a possibility to vary defensive game and attack.

Slower side of the blade (light on the picture) is specially optimized for play with pips out rubbers. Playing with this side of the blade allows returning the ball very short over the net with a maximum spin reversal. The trajectory of the fly will be low, what prevent opponent’s fast attack and may cause his mistakes.

The attacking part of the blade give a necessary power for fast lightning finishing stroke.

The blade is handmade according to a special gluing technology with usage of several different glues (including hide glue, which does not form an additional layer between the veneers). The result is the best feeling of the ball and the highest durability of the blade.

The blade has 7-plied construction and includes combination of balsa wood, cork and wooden veneers. The surface of the blade is coated with a lacquer to prevent splintering.

The handle of VT Wood Picture is made of balsa wood, what provides a perfect ball’s feeling.

Head size: 151mmx157mm
Category: Combi
Plies: 7
Thickness: 12mm
Weight: ap. 85g

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