The bounce of VT balls is characterised by steadiness and stability. The weight of these balls was matched specially to provide the required height of balls’ rebound from the table, appropriate flight speed and maximum comfort during the game. The sound produced by the ball’s kicking on the table is a pleasure for any table tennis player to hear. Due to the long-term contact with the racket’s surface, these table tennis balls provide player with great feeling which facilitates the enhancing of control.

During the production balls undergo the special tests the requirements of which are higher than the ITTF’s ones that allows to decrease percentage of ┬áballs’ defects.

Being made of hard material, they are characterized by increased durability. The wear life of this balls is two or three times longer than one of the much softer regular balls. The VT balls’ flight path is notable for stability which provides the additional advantages during the table tennis match.

Make one step towards winning in table tennis by trying to play with the VT balls.

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