VT 702F Table Tennis Bat
85%Overall Score

This table tennis racket is made specially for the players who are successful both in attack and defence and allows realising the allround game strategy to the full.

With that the emphasis is put on attack. To reach the highest results while playing with this racket the ratio of defensive actions to attacking ones must be 45% to 55%.

The blade of the VT 702F racket is made on the unique technology of high-quality woods and it gives incomparable control. There are special poplar layers used in its construction which provide accuracy during the game and at the same time extend the best bounce spot. To enhance attack two thinnest additional nanolayers were brought into the blade construction.

In this racket design VT rubber with 1,8 mm sponge thickness is used. This special sponge also adds some energy to every shot of the player.

The VT 702F racket will open for you the wide opportunities of   sophisticated and versatile allround table tennis game. Defeat the strongest of your opponents with the VT 702F racket.

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