VT 801F Table Tennis Bat

This is the top level attacking racket. It allows to realize easily all your game plans. Your attacking game will be pow...

501 Series


VT 501F Table Tennis Bat

The racket of this series personifies attack and is associated with fire - it is not accidental that the handle is red. ...

VT 501W Table Tennis Bat

The ability to send the ball to a certain point of the table is essential for a successful game. Although it's not neces...

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VT White Ash

VT White Ash is a perfect tool for aggressive all-round play and controllable attack. The blade gives in a game enough ...

VT Mahagon

VT Mahagon is an attacking wooden table tennis blade with a perfect control and a high precision game. The blade provid...



Nanotechnologies which are widely used in a lot of areas, now are entering the world of table tennis, too, opening the n...